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Urdu Society
The Urdu Literary Society constantly strives to instill respect and popularity for our national language. To promote this objective, debate competitions and speech contests are focused upon throughout the year. Our emphasis on Urdu has led us to academic excellence for the past many years. The society members take great pride in their contribution and involvement in the Urdu section of the school’s projects .With debates offered in Urdu language, students are given a chance to broaden their skills in public speaking. The Urdu Literary Society has remained evergreen and attractive among the students. The Programmes have always been an important integral part of the extra-curricular activities. The school provides opportunities to the students to participate in various events both at School and Inter-School Competitions.

Dramatic and Literature Society Club
Learning enhances and becomes pleasurable if integrated with functional and practical experience The active functioning of the society is carried out under the guidance of teacher facilitators. The sole purpose of the Literacy Society is to cater to the needs of the students and also to develop their interest in literature and language.

The students are given opportunities to participate in Writing Contests, Article Writing and Poetry Contests. The purpose of this society is to assist aspiring writers in channelizing their potentials in the right direction providing a path to help them better understand their capabilities. The ultimate goal of this society is to help its members in producing their own literary works, so that individually every one of them might spread the timeless message of how the usage of one modest & often underestimated pen is significant in today’s constantly evolving world long after this society’s dissolution.

Photography Club
Photo Phactory is the photography club at Hampton, which is a creative and safe sanctuary to explore photographic ideas whilst learning an important art and at the same time have great fun .We teach children how to recognize and click great images, to visually inspire the children we show famous works to refine each child’s eye, so they begin to recognize the details of what makes a good photograph.