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Academics Overview

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Academics at Hampton


Junior Campus

Pre School Section:
Comprising of nursery, pre kindergarten and kindergarten. Our foundation rests on thorough research; we choose the most developmental and culturally appropriate learning that helps each child progress at an individual pace. Our teachers support each child’s independent growth, interests and capabilities.

Junior Section:
The Junior Section consists of classes 1 to 5. The curriculum comprises English, Urdu, Math, Art, Social Studies, Music and Sports. Students are taught in a nurturing and interactive classroom environment. Much of the course work is taught through classroom instruction, projects and study trips. Annual presentations are held that allow young children to learn, build their self-esteem, effective communication skills and confidence. Exams are held along with assessments that take place throughout the academic session to determine core competencies in languages, math and science. Report cards are issued twice a year.

Senior Campus

Middle School:
Middle School consists of grade 6-8. Our middle schools goal is to create powerful learning opportunities both in the classroom and through a vast array of extracurricular activities. Our comprehensive approach combines on integrated curriculum, teaching techniques and extracurricular activities. Our teachings are based on a school culture that helps develop critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, nurtures healthy minds and bodies along with social emotional intelligence in order to achieve goals.

Senior School:
The Senior Section consists of classes 6 to 11 (O Level final year). In classes 7 and 8, all students take English, Urdu, Math, Art, History, Geography, Science, and Physical Education. In Class 9, Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat / Religious Studies are offered as a two-year course. In Class 10, in addition to the five compulsory subjects, students choose four optional subjects, one subject each from blocks A to D for the 2-year O Level programme.

The senior school has complete focus on community service and different academic and literacy events held throughout the year such as LUMUN and several more.

We encourage our pupils to apply what they learn across subject areas with the ability to think in a flexible way. Our teachers focus on academic subjects in order to connect them to the real world, life skills and intellectual engagement. We believe in developing broad horizons which foster internationalism as well as academic rigour.