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About our School


Principal’s Message

As I walk down the one hundred and thirty five steps to my office everyday the buzz in the ground speaks to me of eager minds, happy hearts, sparkling eyes and very confident steps.

The child, the parents and the teachers form a union that produces a thinking individual who is ready to observe, analyze and make decisions based on their own study instead of being influenced by the external factor.

We are an amazing team at Hampton, each one working towards a complete, fulfilled and confident young adult. The student who graduates from here is an ambitious but ethical, humble but confident individual who focuses not only on their own growth but the growth of a complete environment.

Sports, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Meditation, Career Counseling, Social Work, Elocution and working through presentation and experiments in all sciences. We offer so many activities to round off the personalities to a level where they become an asset, not only for their families but for the society, sending out a complete individual.